Name Jake FogelnestLocation Los Angeles (en route)

Comedian Jake Fogelnest started a one-man public-access TV show, SQUiRT TV, from his New York City bedroom when he was 14 years old. Two years later, the show moved to MTV, bringing celebrity guests into his bedroom. Jake has written for VH1’s Best Week Ever and regularly contributes to SNL’s “Weekend Update.” He currently hosts two shows on Sirius XM radio. This week, Jake moves to Los Angeles, to pursue his dream of making it big in Los Angeles.

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Screenshots of Despair Cataloguing online messages that evoke feelings of despair. Submit your own!

The Spirit of Schubert A collection and reflection of everything Schubert, to accompany Spirit of Schubert on BBC Radio 3.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry The inside story of Ai Weiwei, a dissident for the digital age who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics.

Tumblr Tuesday: Earth Week Edition

Join me in celebrating Earth’s natural environment with these fully compostable and biodegradable Tumblr blogs! Photo of Beaver Brook by Noah Kalina.

Climate Adaptation
Michael Cote is an environmental expert who wants to punch climate change in the face.

The Green Urbanist
Green urbanism and environmental public policy.

Local Food Lab
An incubator for sustainable food and agriculture startups.

Fuck Yeah Permaculture
Working with nature, rather than against it, for sustainable systems.

Cabin Porn
Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere.

Weather Boner of the Day
Photos of weather. Awesome weather.

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Name MelaphantasticLocation Melbourne, Australia

Mel Roach is an illustrator and animator from Melbourne, Australia, and her Tumblr is literally bursting with exotic creatures, comics, animated GIFs, and cartoons. (You may remember seeing her illustrated reindeer GIFs that exploded across Tumblr last December.) A recent graduate of RMIT University, she uses TVPaint to animate and draws with a mini Wacom tablet. Her final film project, Happy Happy Yay Yay, is a journey through action packed rainbows, chocolate and insanity. You know, the usual!

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MLB on Tumblr
Get Drawn to MLB with the official Tumblr of Major League Baseball. PLUS: All 30 MLB teams now have Tumblr blogs. Here’s one!

The YUNiversity
Do you want to flaunt impeccable grammar like a boss? Do you like memes? “Y U NO FOLLOW THE YUNIVERSITY?”

Brand Spirit
Every day for 100 days, Andrew Miller will paint a branded object white. From Tabasco sauce to McDonald’s french fries (with each fry painted white), the images are simple and compelling.

Olá! Today we’re launching Tumblr’s official Brazilian Staff Blog while we finish polishing our upcoming Brazilian Portuguese localization. We haven’t forgotten our users in Portugal, either — Tumblr’s official Portuguese Staff Blog also just launched, and we’ve got a European Portuguese version of our interface on the way too. Em breve teremos mais novidades! / Fiquem atentos às próximas novidades!
(Photo: Josh)

Name The Underground New York Public LibraryLocation NYCFirst post December 2011

The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the plentiful and diverse reading-riders of New York City’s subways. Beneath the streets, photographer Ourit Ben-Haim takes candid shots of commuters with their books and posts them with the book titles and other commentary. Weekly features include a Sunday bible-reader, a Friday e-book reader, and mystery titles that are solved by the Tumblr community.

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Development blog for Full Metal Pixel, a game created by this guy.

The Pen American Center is liveblogging its annual World Voices Festival of International Literature. Hear from authors like Salman Rushdie, Tony Kushner, Jennifer Egan, Margaret Atwood, Colson Whitehead and many more.

Tonight: I Love Charts Book Launch and NYC Tumblr Meetup
Celebrate Tumblr’s own I Love Charts book launch with a special Tumblr Meetup 6-11pm at Hôtel Americano.

Name Hanging Rock ComicsLocation IndianaFirst post July 2011

Taylor-Ruth makes comics about her life, the world, and the people around her. “I’ve always had a hard time with people, with school, feelings of rejection, loneliness, not fitting in… you know, the struggles all teenagers go through,” she explains. One day, she posted a comic from her personal diary, and the Tumblr community noticed. “I expected everyone to ignore the comic because it was about my life or whatever, but to my surprise it rapidly got notes. Posting the comics about my life was empowering,” she said. (Among other things, Taylor-Ruth loves thunderstorms, horror movies, spooky things, pizza, and hanging out at cemeteries.)

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Why Tuesday?
A nonprofit dedicated to increasing America’s horrible voter turnout by asking a simple question: Why do we vote on Tuesday? The answer: Absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

At Home on The Range
A blog by McSweeney’s in celebration of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new-old cookbook, which benefits ScholarMatch. Submit your family recipes and help build an online folk recipe archive for the ages.

Adam F
Los Angeles based artist Adam Ferriss presents a sundry of photographic phantasmagoria.

Name Jennifer Hom BlogLocation San FranciscoFirst post 2008

Jennifer Hom began life as a Chinese American girl in suburban Long Island, New York. As a minority with few friends, she found happiness in drawing fairies, unicorns, magical flying unicorns, princesses, and flowers. With the help of a terribly optimistic mother, she used her countless drawings of magical beings to enroll at the Rhode Island School of Design. Now graduated with a BFA in illustration and a sweet gig at Google, she managed to find a home with climate control. She is still Chinese American, but wants to be a Broadway star.

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Laci Green
Host of Sex+, a weekly YouTube show which covers topics related to sexuality, relationships, body image, gender, and more.

Before and after pictures of the results of microwaving anything.

Drawings On Pizza
Drawings placed succulantly on delicious-looking pizza.

Tumblr Tuesday: Brasil Edition!

Name Arte na CidadeLocation São Paulo

Art in the City is a living gallery of public art of all kinds found throughout São Paulo and its outskirts. Kat Draugelis, a part-time English teacher and artist, explores the city every weekend to document new finds.

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As TRAUMÁTICAS Aventuras do Filho do FreudThe TRAUMATIC Adventures of Freud’s Son is an original cartoon by Pacha Urbano, and is translated into Spanish and English.

Maldito HD
Life was easier for famous people before high definition.

Meu CV em Anexo
Horrible resumé fails, because good ones are boring.

Monique Maion
Jazz and blues singer/songwriter from Brazil.